Jonna Johansson
Contemporary painter

Shooting Stars, 2017

Bunnies 2014-

For Sale 2011

Our Future 2010

Dignity 2008

Protection 2004

Beauty 2005

Putas en Madrid 2003

Violence 2001-2002

Selected works 2007-2011 catalogue
Publisher 00130Gallery Helsinki

Bunny and the other stories 2012-2013 PDF

For Sale PDF

Our Future PDF

Dignity PDF


Temporary Space

Monument 2009
Mixed Media sculpture, real size car and dumpster with Juan Kasari

Sugar Agents,
2010 (enviromental paintings, ca.200x110cm)

Our future, 2009
Mixed media sculptures, tapestry, paintings

Five Star Shelter 2008-2009
Mixed media/blue lights

Earlier works contact artist

Sweets and girls 2006

Lush 2018-2019

The ways of seeing 2020-2021